Language courses

SECCLO students are encouraged to learn and use local European languages during their studies. For this purpose, SECCLO consortium universities offer various language courses for students.

Aalto University, Finland

A mandatory advanced communication course in English is part of degree requirements (LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc Students, 3 ECTS), but students who have excellent command of English may choose 3 ECTS credits of Finnish courses instead. For more information on compulsory language studies for SECCLO students at Aalto University, please see here.

In addition to SECCLO courses and compulsory language courses, SECCLO students can take Finnish and Swedish language courses for free, and have the possibility to take the course LC-7003 Survival Finnish Online (1 ECTS) before arrival to Finland. Please see Finnish courses here and Swedish courses here for international students. Possibility to take courses in other languages (Chinese, French, German, Portugese, Russian, Spanish) depends on the language of instruction of the specific course.

KTH, Sweden

Swedish language courses are not organized by KTH, but instead Learning Swedish free online course is highly recommended for all international students. Credits will not be reported for the course.

NTNU, Norway

A Norwegian language course (15 ECTS) is offered at NTNU free of charge for all international students. The application deadline is June 1st for the Autumn semester, and November 1st for the Spring semester. Please find more information about the Norwegian course here, including how to apply, detailed course information, etc.

DTU, Denmark

Speak School of Danish offers Danish module courses at all levels for DTU students. One module course is free of charge for the SECCLO students. Please read more about Danish courses here.

UT, Estonia

Estonian language courses are offered by the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures during the semester. The student can select one elective course (up to 6 ECTS) of Estonian language as part of the degree. Please see list of Estonian courses at UT here.


A mandatory language course is part of degree requirements (1 ECTS) – French is compulsory for students whose initial level is below B1. For those with a level B1 and above in French, any foreign languages can be chosen to validate this.