Master’s thesis and other programme outcomes


26.3.2021 Alumnus of SECCLO programme: ‘Creating a bond with Finland’

9.9.2020 European Commission grants €4M funding for SECCLO – Master’s Programme in Security and Cloud Computing

18.6.2020 Flexibility and enthusiastic teaching make the SECCLO programme a great option. The first graduates of the SECCLO programme share their study experiences.

Photo: Aalto University/Kitty Norros

Master’s thesis

The final semester of the SECCLO programme is dedicated to the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS), jointly supervised by professors from both universities the student has studied in. The thesis is usually written in a research and development project either in industry or in academia.

SECCLO Master’s theses 2023 (intake 2021) (click to open)
    • Alkhafaji, Husamu-Aldeen: Prioritizing Fault Tolerance: A Framework for Building Resilient Distributed Systems in Private Clouds (Aaltodoc)
    • Bakić, Bojana: An Approach for Efficient Identification and Treatment of Common Risks in CI/CD and Cloud-Based Enterprise Solution Ecosystem (Aaltodoc)
    • Bertocchi, Massimo: A command-and-control malware design using cloud covert channels: Revealing covert channels with Microsoft Teams (Aaltodoc)
    • Calabrese, Matteo: Space Oddity: Space Cybersecurity Lessons from a Simulated OPS-SAT Attack (Aaltodoc)
    • Chiarelli, Alessandro: Securing the Bridges Between Two Worlds: a Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Oracles Security (Aaltodoc)
    • Hamid, Maryum: Advanced Secret Handling in Kubernetes Application with HashiCorp Vault (Aaltodoc)
    • Henriksson, Kasper: Improving DevOps at a startup: A Case Study (Aaltodoc)
    • Javid, Sepehr: Segment Routing based Traffic Engineering (Aaltodoc)
    • Jiang, Guangkai: Parallel Training of Neural Networks in 6G L1 (Aaltodoc)
    • Karakaş, Buket: Enhancing Security in Communication Applications Deployed on Kubernetes: Best Practices and Service Mesh Analysis (Aaltodoc)
    • Khatiwada, Bipin: Data aggregation for multi-instance security management tools in telecommunication network (Aaltodoc)
    • Lasocki, Karol: Deep Learning for Continuous Symbolic Melody Generation Conditioned on Lyrics and Initial melodies (Aaltodoc)
    • Lekkala, Soumya: Building Security Guardrails into the Software Development Lifecycle (Aaltodoc)
    • Limbago, Josephus: Designing User-Centric Private Conversation Methods in the Metaverse (Aaltodoc)
    • Liu, Zixuan: Deep Learning based method for Fire Detection (Aaltodoc)
    • Moustafa, Mariam: Remote Attestation for Constrained Relying Parties (Aaltodoc)
    • Pham Thi, Song Huong: to be updated
    • Rathi, Jayshree: Mapping the Attack Surface of Telecommunication Networks from the Public Internet (Aaltodoc)
    • Rumi Chiapella, Stefano: Detecting a new attack toolset in an endpoint detection and response system (Aaltodoc)
    • Safargalieva, Anastasia: Load balancing Java applications across Linux servers (Aaltodoc)
    • Sakaoğlu, Sinan: KARTAL: Web Application Vulnerability Hunting Using Large Language Models (Aaltodoc)
    • Serkova, Elena: Uncertainty estimation in medical image registration (Aaltodoc)
    • Sipilä, Santeri: Scalability Assessment in Blockchain-enabled IoT Applications (Aaltodoc)
    • Tengana Hurtado, Lizzy: Computation Offloading for Real-Time Applications: Server Time Reservation for Periodic Tasks (Aaltodoc)
    • Valencia Gómez, Juan Pablo: Leveraging spot instances for resource provisioning in serverless computing (Aaltodoc)
    • Vasudevan, Anand: Formal Analysis and Verification of OAuth 2.0 in SSO (Aaltodoc)
    • Yagublu, Jeyhun: Solving CPU intensive Noisy-Neighbor in Multi-Container Environment (Aaltodoc)
    • Zhao, Zetong: SweetCam: The Design of a Honeypot for IP Cameras (Aaltodoc)
    • Zhou, Zixin: Building Information Modeling Connection Recommendation Based on Machine Learning Using Multimodal Information (Aaltodoc)


SECCLO Master’s theses 2022 (intake 2020) (click to open)
  • Abebaw, Alazar: Continuous Monitoring Approach for Visibility into the Security Footprint of an IoT Cloud Platform (Aaltodoc)
  • Attieh, Joseph: Optimizing the Performance of Text Classification Models by Improving the Isotropy of the Embeddings using a Joint Loss Function (Aaltodoc)
  • Bogdanova, Sofia: Automated testing pyramid for microservices in practice (Aaltodoc)
  • Butt, Zara: Secure microservice communication between heterogeneous service meshes (Aaltodoc)
  • Chaplinska, Svitlana: A Purple Team Approach to Attack Automation in the Cloud Native Environment (Aaltodoc)
  • Chouak, Ayoub: Trustworthy Data Provenance for Enclaves in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems (Aaltodoc)
  • Czajęcki, Tomasz: Privacy Enhancing Data Reporting System For Participatory Sensing (Aaltodoc)
  • Dahal, Anupam: Documentation in Continuous Development: A systematic literature review on API documentation (Aaltodoc)
  • Dandekhya, Ujjwol: Unifying Multi-Cloud Access Management (Aaltodoc)
  • Geisler, Wojciech: Reliable Migration of WebAssembly Trusted Applications (Aaltodoc)
  • Kabra, Adhirath: Automatic Security Analysis of Lightweight Authentication and Key Exchange Protocols (Aaltodoc)
  • Kamal, Nafis: API Documentation Generator (Aaltodoc)
  • Lomeli Ramos, Angel: Security Testing of Embedded TLS Implementations (Aaltodoc)
  • Martin Navarro, Jose: Privacy-preserving Authentication in Participatory Sensing Systems (Aaltodoc)
  • Meeranath, Swetha: Fingerprinting Schemes against a Post-Quantum Cryptography IPsec/IKEv2 Encryption Appliance (Aaltodoc)
  • Mihali, Claudiu-Adrian: Encryption as a Service in Kubernetes. Implementation and Performance Analysis. (Aaltodoc)
  • Nedaković, Aleksandar: Analysis and improvements of VerifyMed — the blockchain solution for virtualized healthcare trust relations (Aaltodoc)
  • Neergaard, Axel: Data Reduction in the Cloud: A Case Study on Conventional Data Reduction Strategies (Aaltodoc)
  • Nemeš, Nikola: A System for Identification of Potentially Sensitive Data in the Cloud (Aaltodoc)
  • Ngo, Huy: Securing heterogeneous networks of Internet-of-Things devices (Aaltodoc)
  • Putra, Rafi: Cloud-based Distributed Internet Measurement Platform (Aaltodoc)
  • Rahman, Tahsinur: Intrusion Detection system based on Deep Learning (Aaltodoc)
  • Sinha, Anmol: Enclave Host Interface for Security (Aaltodoc)
  • Strazdina, Vlada: A hybrid automated framework for testing cloud-native and virtual core network applications (Aaltodoc)
  • Tan, Junsheng: Ensuring component dependencies and facilitating documentation by applying Open Policy Agent in a DevSecOps cloud environment (Aaltodoc)
  • Tariq, Asad: Security Requirements and Mechanisms for Serverless Computing (Aaltodoc)
  • Zahid, Hamna: MACsec Implementation PoC on Classic AUTOSAR ECUs (Aaltodoc)


SECCLO Master’s theses 2021 (intake 2019) (click to open)
  • Boire, Sebastian: Credential Provisioning and Peer Configuration with Extensible Authentication Protocol (Aaltodoc)
  • Chen, Hsin -Yi: Domain-specific Threat Modeling for Mobile Communication Systems (Aaltodoc)
  • Crone, Max: Towards attack-tolerant trusted execution environments: Secure remote attestation in the presence of side channels (Aaltodoc)
  • Fiaz, Mashal: Automated Smart light System using Pro-Active Learning (Aaltodoc)
  • Harlicaj, Eljon: Anomaly Detection of Web-Based Attacks in Microservices (Aaltodoc)
  • Henschel, Jack: Dimensioning, Performance and Optimization of Cloud-native Applications (Aaltodoc)
  • Hoang, Minh: Dataset Watermarking (Aaltodoc)
  • Kostiainen, Eelis: Cost Effective Security Event Detection System for Distributed Application Infrastructure (Aaltodoc)
  • Le, Quang: A framework to unify application security testing in DevOps environment (Aaltodoc)
  • Maurer, Felix: Investigating Causes of Jitter in Container Networking (Aaltodoc)
  • Memon, Saba: Resiliency in Kubernetes Federation Management (Aaltodoc)
  • Micozzi, Eleonora: Guarantees of Differential Privacy in Overparameterised Models (Aaltodoc)
  • Mirelli, Massimiliano: A formal verification tool for Lending Pools (Aaltodoc)
  • Raj, Rohit: Establishing trust for secure elasticity in edge-cloud microservices (Aaltodoc)
  • Selvarathinam, Mala: A Method for Comparative Performance Analysis of Communication Applications in Cloud and On-premise Environments (Aaltodoc)
  • Shuvo, Kibria: Tail Based Sampling Framework for Distributed Tracing Using Stream Processing (Aaltodoc)
  • Su, Daniel: Secure Debug in Trusted Execution Environments (Aaltodoc)
  • Subtselnyi, Oleksandr: Design and implementation of a secure medical storage and inventory system (Aaltodoc)
  • Turcanu, Victor: Providing Trusted Computing Services for Multi-access Edge Cloud Computing (Aaltodoc)


SECCLO Master’s theses 2020 (intake 2018) (click to open)
  • Akgun, Tolgahan: Secure Lifecycle Management for Internet of Things Devices (Aaltodoc)
  • Beder, Ahmed: Trust Management For A Decentralized Service Exposure Marketplace: A Service Exposure Perspective (Aaltodoc)
  • Biswas, Shamim: Enhancing the Privacy of Decentralized Identifiers with Ring Signatures (Aaltodoc)
  • Chowdhury, Arnab: Distributed deep learning inference in fog networks (Aaltodoc)
  • Cornelissen, Eric: Cryptographic Analysis of the Message Layer Security Protocol in the Static Corruption Model (Aaltodoc)
  • Duarte Coscia, Bruno: Evaluation of Network-Layer Security Technologies for Cloud Platforms (Aaltodoc)
  • Duisembiyeva, Akzharkyn: Automated security analysis in a SCADA system (Aaltodoc)
  • Elhariry, Mohammad: Device Pairing with Multi-modal Gestures: from Theory to Practice (Aaltodoc)
  • Gödeke, Alexander: Machine Learning for IDS Alert Classification: A Recurrent Neural Network Approach (Aaltodoc)
  • Hamidy, Gilang: Differential Fuzzing the WebAssembly (Aaltodoc)
  • Hovsepyan, Satenik: Volumetric data streaming from smartphones (Aaltodoc)
  • Kartaev, Timur: Assessment of privacy-preserving computation techniques for marketing analytics (Aaltodoc)
  • Klein, Lukas: Shoulder-Surfing Protection for Textual Information (Aaltodoc)
  • Long, Shiting: A Modelling and Simulation Tool for DNA Strand Displacement Systems (Aaltodoc)
  • Mammo, Kidus: Online Platform for Interactive Tutorials: Cloud-Native Security (Aaltodoc)
  • Nguyen, Xuan: Network isolation for Kubernetes hard multi-tenancy (Aaltodoc)
  • Oro, Ervin: Secure zero-touch device provisioning in Bluetooth mesh networks (Aaltodoc)
  • Phutrakul, Sataponn: Evaluation of Emerging Serverless Platforms (Aaltodoc)
  • Plaku, Ngadhnjim: Online Platform for Interactive Tutorials: Provisioning Virtual Environments (Aaltodoc)
  • Sulaeman, Adika: A Highly-Available Multiple Region Multi-access Edge Computing Platform with Traffic Failover (Aaltodoc)
  • Tran, Luong: Privileged Access Management for System to System communications (Aaltodoc)
  • Ujjwal, Sonika: Anomaly detection in network traffic based on connection-specific profiling (Aaltodoc)



The Most Distinguished Student award is given to a SECCLO graduate who has demonstrated outstanding performance and excellent study success.

The SECCLO consortium selected Mariam Moustafa for the Most Distinguished SECCLO Student Award 2023.

The SECCLO consortium selected Axel Neergaard and Joseph Attieh for the Most Distinguished SECCLO Student Award 2022.

The SECCLO consortium selected Felix Maurer for the Most Distinguished SECCLO Student Award 2021.

The SECCLO consortium selected Kidus Wendimagegn Mammo for the Most Distinguished SECCLO Student Award 2020.


Other awards, competitions

Martin Navarro Jose Luis Best communication award in RECSI 2021 (XVI Spanish National Conference on Cryptography and Information Security) for the research work “BSD: Algorithms for binomial decomposition of binary sequences”.

SECCLO team won the Aiven’s challenge “Sustainable Data Infrastructure” in Junction 2021. Team members: Massimo Bertocchi, Matteo Calabrese, Sepehr Javid and Anand Vasudevan.

SECCLO team won the Innovate for Huawei’s Best game prize in  Junction 2021. Team members: Husamu-Aldeen Alkhafaji, Jasper Limbago and Sinan Sakaoglu.

SECCLO team won the 5G Cybersecurity Hack competition in the “I bet you can’t get in” challenge by Cisco that took place during 18-20 May 2021. Team members: Ahmed Beder, Akzharkyn Duisembiyeva and Khiem Luong Tran.


Publications, papers, patents, start-ups

Ngo, Xuan Huy, Olivier, Paul & Francillon, Aurélien (2022) BEERR: Bench of Embedded system Experiments for Reproducible Research, 2022 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops (EuroS&PW).

Cornelissen, Erik, Brzuska, Chris & Kohbrok, Konrad (2022) Security Analysis of the MLS Key Derivation 2022 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP)

Martin Navarro, Jose Luis. Review of the Lineal Complexity Calculation through Binomial Decomposition-Based Algorithms . Mathematics 2021, 9, 478

Hsin Yi Chen and Siddharth Prakash Rao. 2021. On Adoptability and Use Case Exploration of Threat Modeling for Mobile Communication Systems. In Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS ’21). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 2417–2419.

Chen H.Y., Rao S.P. (2021) Adversarial Trends in Mobile Communication Systems: From Attack Patterns to Potential Defenses Strategies. In: Tuveri N., Michalas A., Brumley B.B. (eds) Secure IT Systems. NordSec 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 13115. Springer, Cham.

Raj, R., & Truong, L. (2021). On Analysis of Security and Elasticity Dependency in IIoT Platform Services. In B.Carminati, C. K. Chang, E. Damiani, D. Shuiguang, W. Tan, Z. Wang, R. Ward, & J. Zhang (Eds.), 2021 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC) (pp. 351-361). IEEE.

Gautam , V , Long , S & Orponen , P 2020 , RuleDSD: A rule-based modelling and simulation tool for DNA strand displacement systems . in E De Maria , A Fred & H Gamboa (eds) , Proceedings of the 13th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies : Volume 3 BIOINFORMATICS . SCITEPRESS Science And Technology Publications , pp. 158-167 , International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies , Valletta , Malta , 24/02/2020 .

Gilang Mentari Hamidy, Pieter Philippaerts, Wouter Joosen. (2022) SecSharp: Towards Efficient Trusted Execution in Managed Languages (Work in Progress), Paper @ MPLR 2022

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